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Facebook website builder

Could 2020 see the death of bespoke small business websites?

Have you heard that Facebook will be releasing its own Facebook website builder in the coming months. Competing with the likes of GoDaddy, Wix and Squarespace but free for small business owners?

This announcement could be great news for small business owners. But before we begin to search our Facebook business pages for the Facebook website builder tool, let’s discuss what this means for small business owners.

There are already lots of tools which enable you to create a website; however, having the tools doesn’t guarantee good results. Much like when I purchased a shiny socket set from Halfords, it didn’t make me a mechanic 🙁 

Using a website builder, much like an untrained mechanic

The news coming from Facebook should be taken with broad shoulders, having Facebook control even more of your business may for some sound appealing; however, we all know what Facebook has in mind. It ultimately what’s user data from which to extract more advertising revenue.  

So, in summary, be canny. Using any free website builder tool offers a considerable reward, however, with bonus comes risk. Use free services as a stepping stone to building your online voice. Don’t let your business data become someone else’s commodity.

Having all your online marketing on one channel makes your business incredibly vulnerable. Take control of your online presence by having your independent business website.  

What is a website builder?

So what is a website builder anyways? It’s not someone who builds websites that’s for sure. A web builder is a software programme typically offered by website hosting companies. 

DIY site builders have become increasingly intelligent and sophisticated; they allow users to create websites via an online editor/builder. 

However, as with any DIY project, building a website without previous experience takes lots of time, can be very frustrating and lead to results which are typically ambiguous. 

Web builders will get your business online; however, for a professional website, they can never match expertise or skills acquired by a web designer.

Are all Site builders the same?

You would think all website builders were similar, and to some extent, you would be correct. All website builders allow you to publish online.

However, as you drill into the options, you will discover that there are unique builders for sectors such as travel. There are also self-hosted and hosted site builders.

As you can see, the options are endless. You will also notice differing price points. So the choice of website builders is vast, and the time needed to achieve a professional business website can be unlimited.

Who can you trust?

So with any business decision, especially in respect of GDPR, you need to check where and how your business data will be saved. The good news here is that most mainstream website builders have security in mind. 

The real downfall of using a hosted website builder, such as that about to be launched by Facebook. Is that your website is ultimately controlled and restricted by the service provider.

That is why many business owners build self-hosted websites using popular content management systems such as WordPress. Not strictly a website builder, but software which includes an editor to deliver a website builder experience.

What will give me better results?

So your choice of website builders will depend on whether you intend to build your website yourself or commission a trained website designer. 

If you have the technical skills and want something which will give you ultimate control, I would suggest using WordPress with a web hosting plan, not

Alternatively, if you have little funding, lots of time on your hands and buckets of fortitude to keep working, try using a website builder package.

However. If you require a professional finish to your website, commission a trained website designer. Website builder tools will not match the results of working with a professional website designer.