How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Company for My Business?

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Company for My Business - Sanders Design

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of running any company, big or small: it can help your business grow by attracting more customers or competing with others worldwide. Working with the right digital marketing company can transform your business.

Agencies just like Sanders Design help businesses by becoming the go-to for stakeholders on specific digital channels. Our job is to create, manage and execute comprehensive strategies that’ll ultimately grow the company’s entire marketing and sales results.

To help you find the best digital marketing company for your project, here is a list of tips on building your marketing team.

Understand your needs and your digital marketing budget

To choose the best digital marketing company for your project, you first need to determine what services you require. Self-awareness is vital when determining your needs and wants; this way, you can accurately describe what the digital marketing company should provide to promote your business.

Finding the best digital marketing company for your project means knowing what can and cannot be accomplished based on budgetary constraints.

For instance, it’s a waste of time and money to use digital marketing agencies that aren’t tailored to small businesses. A digital marketing company should work with you to ensure your business meets its goals without exceeding or going under the budget you have set.

The digital marketing company should be able to provide services that fit your current needs and help grow your business with each campaign. 

Marketing budgets can differ from project to project based on what kind of digital campaign you are looking for. However, having an established upfront budget limits the risks initially and allows the digital agency more freedom to develop a solution that delivers impressive results for your business. 

Work together in creating a plan that suits both parties–it is a win-win situation for both digital marketing companies and the business seeking digital marketing services. The digital agency should help you set a realistic budget that considers your digital objectives and goals.

Choosing the right digital marketing company is a process that starts with understanding your project requirements and spending capacity.

Digital marketing company transparency

Too much confidentiality and lack of transparency from both parties is the most basic and overlooked red flag to an excellent customer-client relationship. Look into the digital agency’s website and find the necessary details such as an address, roster of clients, profile and recent projects. If you weren’t able to see any of those, consider it not worthy of your time.

Determine the digital company’s credibility and experience by reading reviews, testimonials on its website and existing social media platforms, ensure that the reviews are authentic.

Look for client references, especially from the accounts that didn’t go well for you, to measure their ability to attend to your needs. There are no perfect agencies. Many agencies have had engagements that didn’t go so well, and it is important to get an idea of how they dealt with it and recommendations from the good ones.

Does the marketing agency have experience in your industry? If it does, ask about those engagements, what went well and what was challenging if it does not. Instead, ask how it approaches a new industry.

We have seen many industry-specific agencies, but sometimes it’s best to look for a new and fresh approach to break the stagnant marketing strategy.

A professional digital marketing company should recognise your competitors, consider the states of your industry and devise an efficient strategy.

Digital marketing company notes

Specialisation and full-service digital agencies

There is often a trade-off between specialisation and full-service. This does not mean that a given agency doesn’t work well with a wide range of services, but there are special areas you should be paying attention to.

Different digital marketing agencies specialise in various facets of the project. Some digital agencies specialise in one digital channel, such as website design, whereas others have broad digital skills covering all digital marketing channels.

To get the most out of working with a digital agency, make sure you choose an agency that has a deep understanding of your business needs and can help you build a digital strategy that works for your company’s goals.

Digital marketing case studies

As we said earlier, transparency is a must, thus looking for proof is necessary. Lack of evidence means it’s not worthy of your time, and you should search again for a more suitable and fitting digital marketing agency that could serve your business needs.

A digital marketing company should have a good portfolio of case studies showing strategy and performance across multiple digital marketing channels or clients.

If you can’t find any information relevant to your specific digital project, don’t panic! Just ask for it to be sent in text or video format.

To find the best digital marketing company, one should look for reviews from other clients who had projects similar in scale to your needs. 

These reviews may include positive feedback and negative criticism to find a company that can handle all aspects of a project while managing time and expectations.

Having a digital marketing company ready to be transparent and honest about positive and negative feedback from its clients is a key factor for success.

Most digital marketing companies have a digital presence, website and digital portfolio with lots of SEO optimised content. If a digital marketing company does not promote their own services effectively, how will they do this for yours?

Marketing campaign metrics to measure

An excellent digital marketing agency should focus on moving the needle for your organisation to tailor the strategies to the organisation’s Key Performance Index (KPI) and metrics.

As part of the digital marketing company story, they should show how digital channels have contributed to your company’s total digital presence and growth.

Make sure the digital marketing company can show you the exact digital performance of your digital marketing campaigns and digital channels.

A digital marketing agency should be able to track digital performance so that you can see the difference they make with their own digital strategy.

Digital marketing company planning

Digital marketing competency

Digital marketing without a proper marketing strategy is wasted and inefficient.

While many of the companies own their In-house marketing team that create and provide existing strategies for the company, there’s nothing worse than an agency that doesn’t understand or doesn’t add any value to your marketing.

Marketers and business owners already have enough to do, and agencies should have competent and knowledgeable strategists in following a marketing plan and meeting business needs.

If you are providing content, don’t underestimate the work that’s required to do it properly. Some digital marketing companies outsource content production, which means they will expect high-quality digital content from you.

Will they make an excellent digital marketing partner

Agencies and In-house marketing teams should be able to work hand-in-hand to deliver incredible results.

A digital marketing company should make an in-depth partnership with your team and work together to achieve common business goals.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to hire a digital marketing agency or build a digital strategy and marketing campaigns in-house. What matters is the final results.

Before selecting a digital marketing company to handle your project, request performance statistics from those that have previously undertaken similar projects and request details of what was done in the process.

A digital marketing company with a proven track record of success is a good indication they will work hard to help your project succeed.

Digital marketing company team

How much value does the digital marketer offer

Always understand the value of what one agency may deliver over the other. What matters is the value the agency should bring in and add to your equity. Though there is much to consider, try to select what fits better for your business needs.

Industry Experience – While some agencies do serve the comfortability to engage in specific fields and industries due to the number of projects they handled, it is just a mere comfort for the client than an actual, tangible asset.

For a project that needs to be compliant with specific regulatory guidelines, the best digital marketing company needs to have experience related to those regulations.

Experience with technical details – Don’t waste time with technical details that seem ambiguous for you. They are generally not a big deal to an experienced agency. It would be best to focus your energy on what will drive your business forward and allow the experts to deliver what they do best. This will help you avoid you being bogging down in detail.

Choosing the right team for you

When businesses find themselves in a beautiful disaster of their own making, they often lack understanding of the strategic framework needed to achieve business goals.

Would you please keep in mind that while your ideas are boundless, you have limitations, and you should be focused on getting results as quickly as possible?

Digital marketing can create unique ideas, but some do not generate a lot of traffic. There’s more to digital marketing than being creative—it also needs to be stable and consistent over time. You should have a process that will ensure your business is constantly thriving online.

The most important thing to measure is success; data and hard numbers are king!

Every marketing project requires a digital marketing company capable of working as an extension of your team. The best marketing companies strive to become true partners and components that drive brand awareness, improve sales success rates, and provide long-term value for customers.

Searching for the best digital marketing agency

There is no one best way to find the best digital marketing company for your project, but a few starting points are available.

If you are using a search engine, many will start with local geography; others may ask for recommendations from their colleagues. The safest way to look for a digital marketing company would be through word of mouth.

Most people don’t know where to start or how much they should spend. That’s where Sanders Design will step in to help you understand the value you’re getting for your campaign and strategies.

One of the biggest challenges with a new contractor is building trust and getting to where both parties can work effectively. Understanding the same ideas and principles will make it easy for both parties to execute campaigns and strategies. 

The most effective way is to be open to improvement – we believe that two heads are always better than one. If both the client and agency have a similar baseline, they will work together more efficiently.

In conclusion

The field of digital marketing is in a state of constant change, which means that consultants need to stay up-to-date on developments. Be sure to choose an agency that has what it takes to thrive in this ever-changing market.

Digital companies have one objective – to give their clients outstanding results. If that wasn’t enough reason to choose a digital marketing company, you should consider how passionate the agency is about providing excellent services.

That’s where experience comes into play. A digital company with lots of experience can provide better strategies for your goals in mind. Also, if you go with a more experienced digital marketing company, you can be more confident that digital marketing is a good fit for your business.

When you hire a digital agency for your project, they should not only be able to create an excellent digital marketing campaign for you but be experienced enough to teach your team as well.

If your digital marketing company has a proven track record, excellent services, and passion – they’re likely the right agency for you.

At Sanders Design, we deliver graphic design solutions for all your marketing needs – from professional logo design, brand development and WordPress web design.

We partner closely with digital marketing consultants throughout the digital journey, ensuring that each part of your team is skilled in delivering your specific brand and digital marketing experience.

Are you looking for a company to help your business thrive online? Contact us today to see how we can help deliver success for your business.