How Can I Hire the Best Email Marketing Agency?

How Can I Hire the Best Email Marketing Agency - Sanders Design

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that continues to be effective and popular for the growth of online businesses. When building your marketing campaign, why should you choose to work with an email marketing agency?

Designing an email for your company will help you grow your customer base and keep people up-to-date about your products and services. 

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategy’s that continues to be essential for online business growth.

Although many organisations prefer to do their marketing in-house, there are downsides. In-house staff come with a fee, and limited access to external expertise can create product gaps. The professional services of an email marketing agency can be beneficial when it comes to increasing your business’ reach and impact.

List building and audience targeting are very complicated tasks to accomplish. Without prior knowledge, your business could end up spending too much time and money chasing low-value and low-converting audiences.

No one wants to be stuck in a pool of confusing tools, complex platforms, and multiform campaigns that amounts to nothing. Data-driven services will help improve open rates, CTR and drive online revenue.

The Return on Investment of email marketing alone is often enough to justify the cost for businesses working with an email marketing agency.

Email marketing agency expertise and experience

Agencies are equipped with years of experience and skills in email marketing and experience with different businesses, platforms, product niches, and more.

Choosing an email marketing agency is difficult, but you can ask a few questions to help narrow down your list. Key questions to consider include the quality of service offered, experience in the industry and business goals.

If you’re considering hiring a marketing agency, they should have experience with other industries or businesses similar to your company in some way. This can give you insight into how they might grow your business by using what has worked for someone else already.

Hiring an agency takes the guesswork out of building your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing agencies already have processes and skills, and knowledge that can save you time.

Email marketing agency designer

Things to consider before hiring an email marketing agency

The marketing agency should provide you, or be able to show you the following before being your chosen one:

  • Can you see case studies and reviews from their previous clientele? – Search for email marketing case studies online to get an idea of their work.
  • Will you receive detailed email marketing strategies? – What’s included in a report? How often are they sent out? How will you be able to measure the results? What can you expect from the email marketing agency?
  • Do you get a tailored timeline for your email strategy? – Email marketing agencies can help you create email campaigns, email designs, and email content. You should be able to review the email timeline before the email marketing agency is hired.
  • How will you communicate with your agency? – You should be able to get a hold of them easily using email or phone if needed.
  • Do they have proven email marketing experience in email design and email copywriting? – Email marketing agencies should be able to show you prior work and experience. When evaluating an email marketing agency, look at the quality of email designs, email content, email subject lines, etc.
  • What impressive names and clients have they worked for? – Email marketing agencies with successful email campaigns for a range of clients, businesses, and niche industries are better than ones that specialise in one particular area. How many of their past clients are similar to your business? What niche do they cater to? Do they have experience with businesses in your industry or related industries?
  • How much data can they provide you access to? – Marketing agencies can help you improve email campaigns. Email agency reviews should include analytics and reports in their services.
  • What types of emails do they send? – Email marketing agencies may offer email segmentation, subject line testing for emails, email subject line writing or newsletter creation. You should be able to look at the types of email campaigns they are currently
  • What kind of reports do they promise? – Is it applicable to your business and need?
  • Can they adjust their KPIs according to your need? – Marketing agencies should be able to adjust their email KPIs according to your need.
  • How often will they update you on their progress? – Email marketers should email you frequently regarding email strategy and email design progress. Also, email marketing agency reviews should include email delivery time updates or a schedule of when emails will launch in the future.
  • Are they able to provide other digital marketing services? – Marketing agencies have additional skills and can offer more digital services such as SEO, social media, or email drip email campaigns.
  • How much experience do they have in compliance? – Email marketing agencies should be able to handle email compliance concerns. Email marketing laws are essential for businesses and consumers. The email designer should know how to handle email law compliance matters and show you email law examples.
  • How much experience do they have in email design? – Email is a big part of online marketing, making an email design for beginners essential when evaluating email agencies.
  • How long would it take before seeing the results? – Is it viable? – email marketing agencies should email you email reports with the results of email campaigns. They should also email you a report before launching email campaigns to show you the design and content.
  • What do they charge? – Email marketing agencies are compensated when their emails are read. Email marketing agencies charge per email they send out or per email read. You should be able to view email pricing before hiring an email marketing agency.
  • What kind of email content do they write? – Depending on your business needs, email marketing agencies can design and create email content or assist with email content creation.

The questions above will help you find the critical email marketing agency in the sea of options where they might be just over-confident starters.

Looking behind the email marketing service offering

If you want to take your email marketing strategy to the next level, find a company that can offer complementary services. Having an outside agency that can support your marketing team will help reach all key platforms and get better results.

Email marketing audience

Here’s why?

Reputable businesses hire email marketing agencies not only to save time but also to allocate unnecessary expenses elsewhere. An agency can take care of the project from start to finish without any additional fees, giving your business a higher rate of return.

It is easier and highly effective to get an agency that can coordinate branding, brand language, design and creative content across all of your platforms. Content, SEO, email, and paid ads can all work together to acquire the best traction across each one.

Benefits of email marketing

While many of the better-known email services offer free, pre-designed templates, you have to create content for yourself. In our world today, content management is one of the most critical parts of any marketing campaign.

One of the strongest advantages of email prospecting is that it is a massive part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. In addition to content marketing, paid ads, and other well-known approaches, email marketing is one of the most extensive and most successful strategies.

There are many benefits of hiring an email marketing agency. Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Reach to important customers directly, with customised emails
  • Expert list building for audiences that match your ideal customer profile
  • Data analysis and analytics to monitor results
  • Inbox management will be well attended, making sure that no inquiries were left unattended
  • Extending the reach of past content
  • A strategy that boasts a higher average response rate
  • Improve your relationship with current and previous customers to improve their path through the online sales funnel
  • Superior brand loyalty and brand recognition
  • Immediate sales and revenue
  • Advertising budgets can be managed more wisely with tools that eliminate wasted funds
  • Increased website traffic
  • Long and short-term business growth
  • Increased competitiveness with established brands and competitors
  • Promote seasonal events, new product features, new product lines, service upgrades for faster results and shorter window time

Email marketing provides a method for reaching potential clients in the form of personalised emails. Rather than using push-style digital marketing, email is more effective at generating leads. Agencies may use email blasts, drip campaigns and newsletters to reach their target audience with engaging messages better.

Different types of email campaigns

Email marketing comes in many forms. Here is a list of ways to engage with your audience;

Drip Campaigns – Sending out drip emails allows you to plan email marketing strategy more effectively, automatically sending subscribers more relevant content.

Automated Email – A company can schedule automated emails to be sent at specific intervals or respond to user actions on the site.

Newsletters – The purpose of an email newsletter is to keep subscribers engaged with the brand. They often contain news, updates and offers that aim to push users towards conversion gently.

Email marketing plan

Is email marketing right for my business?

Custom made emails based on the specific needs of your business generates business-to-business leads, direct-to-consumer growth, account creation, brand recognition, eCommerce, sales and a lot more.

According to studies, about 47% of recipients will open emails based solely on the subject line. Email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share brand content on social media, and visitors via email have a higher conversion rate than other channels.

An email service provider can help you achieve your email marketing goals and make email work for your business.

Email marketing agencies can assist you in creating highly effective content to engage readers, well-crafted and tested subject lines, and beautifully designed elements can be added to your email newsletters if you use expert help.

When interviewing agencies, make sure to ask them how they will implement a creative strategy that aligns with your business’ purpose and objectives.

A considerable advantage of hiring a digital marketing agency is the management services. For many online businesses, time, energy, and work involved with email campaigns are the single biggest inhibitors to expanding or experimenting on new strategies.

Hiring an email marketing agency means more time can be used for other aspects of your business such as administration, production and management.

Other uses for email marketing

There are three more ways to use email marketing effectively. Ever heard of Business-to-business (B2B), Business-to-consumer (B2C), and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C); these are other aspects you should be looking into when talking to agencies about email marketing.

Consider how marketing service can build a specific strategy for the business’s customers, whether they are commercial or professional businesses, niche customers, or a general audience.

Emails are great for business-to-business communications because they’re the third most influential source of information. Nine out of 10 business professionals prefer email, and emails still seem to be their most effective communication method.

One-fourth of all small and medium retail and consumer-focused brands use email marketing for brand building. On average, for consumer retail, email audiences are more likely to convert, spend more money, and become loyal return customers.

These numbers make even more sense for direct-to-consumer brands, considering the need for an independent internet driving sales approach. 

D2C marketing is reliant on strategies and does not include brick-and-mortar stores, Third Party retailers, department store sales or vendors.

D2C brands rely on producing, distributing, selling, and shipping products directly to consumers within their brand-built supply chain. For this reason, D2C brands can benefit a lot from enlisting the help of an expert or agency to take advantage of one of the world’s best ROI generating channels.

A few years back, 78% of D2C brands indicated an intent to increase their marketing budget, and email is one of the best ways of engaging with eCommerce shoppers at the middle/end of the sales funnel. This is why it is so great for capturing new leads based on existing audiences.

Now is the time to elevate your email marketing 

We’ve helped many clients harness the power and opportunities of email marketing, so we know a thing or two about email marketing.

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