How Do I Choose a Good Web Development Agency?

How Do I Choose a Good Web Development Agency - Sanders Design

The web has become an integral part of our daily lives. No matter what time it is or your current location, you can find just about anything by using the internet. Web development agencies are crucial in any business that wants to put its idea on the internet and reach out to customers worldwide.

Finding a web development company can be an overwhelming prospect: with so many to choose from and the variation in quality and experience among them, it may seem challenging to know where to look.

It can be hard to determine which web development company is the best choice for your company or project, as not everyone might be a good fit for you. The portfolio may look nice, and the price may seem reasonable, but if it doesn’t align with your business goals, it won’t help you.

So how do you go about selecting a web development agency? This is a popular and important question for any business wishing to build its website. Hiring someone from the outside can simplify things and make your idea a reality.

After reading this blog post, you will know the key things to consider when choosing a website design and web development agency.

What is web development?

Web development encompasses all the tasks required to develop websites. Web design, bespoke web development, client-side scripting and server-side scripting are just some of these tasks.

Web development is the process by which you build a website out of every necessary part. A web developer will design and code your site but also have an essential role in maintaining it. Web development includes creating text-only pages for websites, integration with external tools such as networking sites and business applications.

While “web developer” and “web designer” are often used as synonyms, they do not mean the same thing. A web designer will focus on the website interfaces, while a web developer will code a website to deliver bespoke functionality.

When choosing a web development agency, it’s crucial to consider the quality of their work and qualifications for your industry.

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Understand your business requirements

Before choosing a web design agency, determine your business’s current objectives and where it is coming from.

Identify the functionality that is currently missing from your website. Include tasks that are not possible using the current version of your site and design changes you hope to implement to improve its quality or usability.

Determine your proposed timeline and budget for the project. This will help narrow down the web development companies that are right for you based on their experience and how well they fit within your established framework. 

Review the web analytics on your existing website to find out which web browsers it currently supports. It is important for many business owners that their website supports all popular web browsers and devices, so look for an agency that specialises in various platforms.

Different types of websites need different levels of support. Depending on the needs of your project, you might require daily or monthly contact with a web development company to ensure they can maintain their tasks and deliver on anticipated deadlines.

Before looking for a web development agency, ask yourself what type of business you want to build.

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Check the web developer’s profile

Assessing the experience of a web development agency is a critical thing to do for a future website owner. Knowing the strengths and specialisation of your prospect web development agency will help you understand and determine whether this web development agency can fulfil your requirement for the upcoming project and if they fit and suit your standards.

The first step is to check their profile; most likely, web development agencies post their ongoing and previous project on their website as a portfolio. By checking their portfolio, you may now evaluate and gauge the functionality and usability of their projects, estimate development and design skills.

An agency’s profile may include similar projects that can meet your requirements and expectation. Moreover, you will be receiving insight into the company experience in a particular project.

To make a shortlist more manageable, view as many portfolios as you can. The best way to do this is in person if possible, but a profile can be viewed any time. This will help inform your decision and ensure that you feel comfortable with all the agencies on your list before deciding which one to work with.

Read reviews and client testimonials

The best way to find out about the web development agency’s competence is from the reviews given by their past clients. Those reviews will provide you with insights into whether your prospect web development agency is aligned with projects similar to you. You may also look at if the web development agency has won awards or have received recognition by their peers. Such research will give you an idea of their rank among others in the industry.

Many web development agencies have testimonials that they display on their websites. You can use these testimonials to determine if the web development agency you are considering is the best one for your needs and budget. It would be best to look at web development project reviews as these web developers’ customers will give an unbiased opinion about their experience working with them.

Contacting people who have hired a web designer can provide a helpful resource for finding an appropriate company. Look into their client portfolio to see if they created websites similar to the one you want or ask past customers about what type of work was involved when working on such sites.

Customers are an essential part of any successful business, and their words mean a lot to any business. Having a good and stable relationship with all its previous clients is a good sign that the web development agency cares for its customers in building its future and would show the same care towards you.

Meet with the team

After going through rigorous shortlisting and determining which web development agency should work for you and your project. Now is the time to meet them and discuss initially what you need and what can they offer.

It is essential that the agency understands your requirement and can respond quickly with smart and innovative ideas. Ask the right questions early on to get a sense that the development team is on the same page.

Evaluate the developer’s website

The quality of a web development agency can sometimes be determined by evaluating its digital presence. Look for evidence that they would have a well-designed website, compelling content and active social accounts.

If the web development agency does not follow best practices, they may be unable to handle your project, and they might not deliver expected results.

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Website hosting services

When you consider a web development agency, it is helpful to determine if they offer web hosting for your site on their servers or assist with existing arrangements.

Web hosting is the webspace where your website will be stored, and the web development agency should have its servers rather than sharing other web hosting providers. They should have web server monitoring tools, web server traffic and web hosting security to help protect your site from hackers. It is essential that where web development agencies offer web hosting is secure and well managed.

Website aftercare services

Online businesses are faced with new risks and threats every day, but a web development company will help keep your website safe by securing it after the project has finished.

A competent website development company can offer more than just web design and development. Many agencies also provide aftercare at a nominal monthly fee (many bundled together for convenience). Ask what the monthly rates will cost you for these add-ons.

It is always good to remember that your website will never be complete, and you should think of it as an evolving marketing tool. Planning for future web design projects can allow your business to evolve and attract new leads continually.

SEO knowledge is important

SEO plays a vital role in exposing any business or company to new possibilities or leads. Ninety-three per cent of all online experiences begin with a simple search.

To ensure that potential customers can find your business, your website must follow good SEO practices. Poorly designed websites won’t just make visitors leave without purchasing anything. They will also negatively affect Google’s ability to rank your site well.

Improving the site’s SEO-friendliness will make it easier for search engines to catalogue your content, making your website more relevant and leading to higher rankings.

Check their response rate

The communication skills of a web development agency is a vital aspect in terms of building trust. Any gaps in the communication process may lead to unwanted issues in the future.

Responsiveness is an important factor to consider when choosing a web development agency. If you decide to work with a small team, they might not have dedicated staff to fulfil other duties such as sales and administration.

You may want to at least try by reaching the owner or any of his assigned personnel, give them around 24-48 hours to respond to your request to test if the agency is interested in learning more about your project. Without understanding your goals and needs, the team can’t give you an accurate estimate.

In conclusion

With a large number of web development agencies out there, it can be quite a tricky task to pick just one agency that would be able to meet your web development needs. That is why it is essential to look for a few key features when choosing the right web development agency.

Looking for these unique qualities in web development agencies may take more effort and time before deciding on the right fit for the job agency. However, finding an experienced and reliable service provider like Sanders Design will help you meet your business goals and make your business grow further.

Our team of experts is ready to show you the benefits you may receive by trusting us to handle your web development projects.