13 Tips Showing the Importance of a Good Website for Business Success

13 Tips Showing the Importance of a Good Website for Business Success - Sanders Design

You may be asking what is the importance of a good website for business success? Having a good website for your business is essential. A bespoke web design helps to convey the values of your brand and highlights the benefits by creating a personalised and focused experience.

A custom website design should improve your business visibility by responding to the needs and interactions of the public visiting each web page.

Several studies have shown that a well-built website will generate high traffic and increase conversion. But how? How can something like web design affect the success of your business? There are many reasons why a good web design will attract perfect clients to your business. In this post, I will give 13 reasons why web design can help your business.

1. Unique design for a unique brand

Let’s get straight to the point. The most obvious and exciting of the reasons is that a good web design will allow you to have a website that will not look like any other on the market. It will be your design, and it will only exist for you. And remember, among hundreds of thousands of sites, you must stand out if you want to impact your customers. At this point, being striking and unique is the secret to penetrate your market.

In addition, your audience needs to understand what makes your business different. Having a visual style that quickly identifies your website, your products, and your store is an important factor to show the customer who you are and what makes your business special.

For brand positioning and recognition purposes, this point is significant. This is because if you manage to develop an excellent user experience, the only brand potential customers will remember will be yours. A unique and recognisable brand brings prestige and added value.

2. Design sells

The more appealing and informative your site, the more likely it is that visitors will choose to deal with your business. An attractive website means a well-designed, clear, clean, intuitive, and dynamic website. It is not a festival of colours, photos, and information that will make your client lose interest in your business.

Any excess can be harmful to your business. Unordered contrasting colours can quickly tire those who access your website, just as a monochrome layout can be dull and lifeless. Images that are too big can be cumbersome and distract the audience, while tiny photos can be hard to read.

In this way, web design ensures that everything is done in the right measure, always acknowledging that this will be your business identity in the digital environment.

3. Make a great first impression

Based on research, the first twenty seconds are decisive for users to rate your website. This first impression will largely determine how visitors interact with your business. It takes mere seconds for potential customers to decide to explore your site or continue their search at a competitors website.

Therefore, it is essential to create an appealing look that shows your brand at it’s best; presenting your business as a credible and professional company. Without a good business website, you will struggle to promote your brand.

An essential consideration in creating an effective web design is achieving a consistent look throughout the design, ensuring the same fonts and styles are used on all pages. This helps to strengthen the visual identity of your brand, facilitating trust and generating an image of professionalism. So increasing engagement and providing a trigger for conversions.

4. Increases conversion rates

Remember that at the beginning, I said that design sells. A well-built website with an excellent proposal, intuitive, responsive, and fast loading pages are essentially everything you need to improve website conversions. But the most important thing that must never be left out in converting visitors to customers is a clear call to action; this can consist of newsletter subscription, product checkout or an enquiry form.

The more inviting your website is the more possibilities for meeting the established goals. Good web design contributes to giving more impact to your message, highlighting the chosen contents, and call to action.

Besides, if you have a web design that is easy for customers to use and the quality of your products and/or services are also impressive, the referral level of these customers to their acquaintances will be higher. For example, if you have a competitor and both of you are equally good, but your website happens to be more attractive to use, people will undoubtedly propose you to their acquaintances. So, good business web design is also like an indirect advertising investment that increases conversion.

5. Improve communication

Successful website design is achieved by understanding the goal of creating a website within your business. What information should take centre stage? Through research and consultation, the website should provide visitors with informative and relevant content within 30 seconds.

Therefore, good web design ensures that you have the right layout settings so that information can be easily found. This can make quite a drastic difference in the usability and effectiveness of your website.

6. Increase customer confidence

When on a site with an amateur and careless structure, what do you do? Of course, you leave the website immediately. And that’s not what you want for your business website. Vistors lose trust when they see unprofessional pages, especially when they want to shop or do business online.

Therefore, a professional website design is vital to create trust with visitors. They will feel more confident in staying and trusting what’s on offer. And the longer visitors remain on your website; the more likely they are to becoming a customer.

7. Optimise your website for better positioning

Visibility is the other pillar of your website. It is essential to excel within Google and Bing searches. As such, it is necessary to have efficient strategies that guarantee your optimal presence online. The choices made in terms of web design greatly influence how search engines index your website.

The creation of each element of your website should look attractive and consider SEO optimisation from the beginning. When working with a professional website designer, you can trust that SEO is respected throughout the project. It is also essential to create a checklist or use an SEO plugin to check uploaded content.

Another decisive factor when it comes to being included in searches is the updating of content since search engines prefer websites that update their content regularly. An active presence on social media is also another online advertising strategy that can benefit your business.

8. Competitive advantage

One of the most substantial reasons for having a good web design is the fact that your competitors are probably already investing in their online presence. To continue fighting in your area of business, you cannot be left behind.

By creating an attractive web design by looking at the references and competitors, you will be able to present your visitors with new options, meeting the best usability practices and guaranteeing an appealing and engaging offering. It is an investment that should be seen as an opportunity to differentiate your brand/business from the competition. And show potential customers why they should do business with your company.

9. Allow your business to grow

Are you using traditional marketing methods to promote your business? If yes, then you are missing an opportunity if you don’t have a professional website to point people too. In this period of technological advancement, you absolutely must turn to digital tools. While traditional methods continue to play an essential part of your omnichannel marketing, your website is important within your communications.

Having a good website will provide you with an environment that will strengthen your business and take your marketing to a higher level. Note; that at this point, you can decide to have a design that can be adjusted and improved without reinventing the platform. For example, you may start with a website that mainly by serving as a point of contact and later allows your business to sell online with the implementation of e-commerce functionality.

10. Help increase brand value

The brand gives your business an identity, allowing customers to understand your values. The website is an effective way to build and professionalise your business. If you want a website that can help take your business to the next level, you need to be prepared to invest in your online marketing.

Your website is an investment, as it’s essential that your website is professionally designed, loads quickly, and is full of quality content. This focus within your online presence shows that your business is professional and dependable.

The appearance of the company logo is also significant. This is because your logo should project your business vision and mission.

11. Usability for an intuitive and easy-to-navigate web design

Imagine that through a search on Google, a potential customer arrives at your website. In it, they find many menus, data, and information of all types, different colours, and different sizes of letters and fonts. They will be lost and uneasy. Without finding what they are looking for, the customer will return to Google and proceed to your competitor’s website. And you will have just lost a potential customer.

Note that usability is given priority during the creation of your website. Your site must have a friendly design that is easy to explore, and users can effectively make transactions. A good web design facilitates access to information, whether products or services, making content easy to find with the fewest possible steps.

Besides, it helps to plan what is important to be on your website.

  • What do you want to show?
  • What services or products do you offer to the market?
  • What solutions should it present?
  • Which your company has already served customers?
  • How do people contact your business?

All these questions are practically indispensable when planning your business website.

12. Improve loading speed

There is a vast amount of great and fantastic website templates. However, most of them accommodate many uses; they typically have a large number of elements and functions that you don’t need. And what they will do is take up space, which makes your website inefficient and slow.

If something doesn’t add real value, then it shouldn’t be in your web design. The possibility of avoiding a large number of features and tools will allow you to have a much quicker website, which will ultimately translate into a much faster load speed. This is one of the most critical characteristics currently for the Google algorithm search results.

13. A good web design will keep customers happy

A well-designed website will give users a comfortable and calm impression. On the other hand, a website that is not unprofessional will frustrate users, especially if the information is difficult to find.

A good web design ensures visitors can find information quickly. Thus, providing a good user experience for your potential customers. A good business website design is one that has longevity, making it difficult for users to turn away. A successful website should strengthen your brand, save your time and make you more money.


Don’t undervalue the importance of a good website for business. This is because it is the face of your brand, and you must take care of it to achieve the best results. The design, layout of the content, and the content itself have to be aligned with your business’s goals.

Lastly, if you want to achieve this for your company, contact me today to discuss your web design and marketing. You will not only obtain the best results for your business but also receive the professional support to realise your goals.