Responsive Web Design: Why Your New Website Should Be Mobile-friendly

Responsive Web Design Why Your New Website Should Be Mobile friendly - Sanders Design

Is your business website mobile-friendly? Today, the majority of your potential customers are using mobile devices to search and access the internet. The only way to ensure that your website will increase sales is to have a responsive web design that displays products and services correctly on all browser platforms.

As of 2021, it is predicted that over half the world’s population will be using a smartphone. To satisfy all of these people while earning respect and loyalty from potential customers having a website accessible on phones is critical.

People don’t want to wait long for mobile-friendly websites, according to Google research. Users expect your site to load in three seconds or less, and if it takes longer than five seconds, they will leave without scrolling down the page.

If your site struggles to load on a mobile device, you risk losing up to 75% of visitors.

Here’s an interesting fact, the average person holds their mobile phone about 18 cm (7 inches) away from their face when browsing the internet.

It is a considerable distance and means that if you have a slow loading site, visitors will get bored waiting for your website to load and often leave before it’s done.

Fast-loading pages also boost sales as they are more likely to keep people on the site rather than losing them.

It’s crucial to provide users with a pleasant experience when they come to your site, which is why you must ensure that any device can access it quickly and easily.

Reasons why your website should be mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are essential for three main reasons:

  1. Fast loading pages
  2. Accessibility on any device (mobile and desktop)
  3. Increase in sales through increased conversions

A mobile-friendly website is vital for all kinds of sites, not only those who rely on traffic from mobile devices.

For example, when you have a real estate site and potential clients access your property details through a smartphone or tablet, they will likely move onto another website if the page takes too much time to load.

Examples of why mobile-friendly websites are important:

  • When they are looking for your properties on a website
  • When you have added photos of your property
  • When they are contacting you and want to see more details about your property.

All these examples can be negatively affected by a slow-loading mobile-friendly website.

Being mobile-friendly isn’t just crucial for increasing traffic; being accessible on any device is also key to creating a loyal client base.

A study by Google found that more than half of the users who go straight to a mobile site don’t go back to the desktop version.

It means they might leave your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly and likely won’t try again in the future.  

Responsive web design contributes to customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an essential factor in the success of your business.

With more than half the world using a mobile device, it is even more critical to have a website accessible on all devices because people won’t bother accessing other websites if theirs isn’t working correctly.

For example, if you’re looking for information about special offers in a local hotel, you’re likely to move on if you have trouble accessing the page from your mobile device.

Customer satisfaction is key to success as it represents the level of happiness or frustration that users experience with a product or service.

Responsive web design increases customer loyalty and pleasure while also delivering a positive user experience, which allows you to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Boost your sales through an increased conversion rate

Your mobile-friendly website should be straightforward to navigate and properly designed to make your customers spend more time on it.  

If potential customers like what they find, visitors are likely to follow your call-to-action (CTA) and make a purchase even if they have come from another website.

Responsive web design users

Search engines elevate Mobile-friendly websites

Search engines evaluate mobile-friendly websites to determine their rank in search results.

In 2014 Google rolled out a new algorithm to help its users find better and faster results using their mobile devices.

It means that if your desktop site isn’t optimised for mobile, you may not appear on the first page of Google’s search engine results.

If you are also looking to increase yeah search engine optimisation, you need a website that loads quickly.

Responsive web design attracts more users

Attract new customers with a mobile-friendly website and enjoy an increase in your global audience.

A study by Brafton showed that 48% of people would leave a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load on their smartphones.

Another study by Forrester confirms that 47% of users expect a mobile-optimised site to load as quickly as the desktop version.

It means that people who browse the web from their smartphones won’t wait a long time to see your website’s content.

If it takes more than 6 seconds, potential customers will go to another site or wait until later, making them forget about you altogether.

Your customers are more likely to remember your mobile-friendly website, which means they will turn to you when selling their properties.

You can count on a mobile-friendly website to boost your business by offering your customers an easy way to find the information they need and make sales at any time of day or night.

Responsive web design

Mobile phones and search engines care about page load speeds.

Search engines will reward you for offering a good user experience

When people search online from their mobile devices, they want the results page to load as fast as possible.

Google uses site speed in its ranking algorithms, and it also wants your pages to load as fast as possible because that will benefit users who don’t have access to high-speed internet or who are on a low bandwidth connection.

To give your customers the best user experience possible, choose a mobile-friendly website design, and you will attract more potential clients who are looking for what you offer, whether it’s buying or renting properties.

Google recently announced that “slow page load speeds can be used as a ranking factor.”

Mobile-friendly website design is an investment in your business

A mobile-friendly site positively impacts user experience and increases people’s chance to become regular customers.

You have to take advantage of this situation and turn it into more sales opportunities by providing users with fast-loading pages.

Of course, you need to invest some time and money to get a mobile-friendly site, but it will be worth it in the long run.

It is estimated that businesses with mobile-friendly websites enjoy an average annual revenue increase of $18,000 more than their competitors.

At Sanders Design, you can get a personalised mobile-friendly website built for your business and stand out online.

Get in touch with the experts; it will be a decision that you won’t regret.

Mobile devices are commonly used for researching products before purchase

For an eCommerce store, this is good news because it increases your potential sales.

It gives you the chance to stand out from the competition and attract more potential customers by providing a mobile-friendly website design.

It will provide visitors with an easy way to browse your products and make purchases from their smartphone or tablet.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store that sells products to local customers, a mobile-friendly website is still something to consider.

Most people use their smartphones and tablets to find the nearest bricks-and-mortar stores when they want to buy something right away rather than waiting until they get home.

Website visitors will visit your location web page before going into your store, and it’s good to know that you have one with a mobile-friendly design.

It will help your customers find their way through the store and increase your sales quickly and conveniently.

If you don’t have a location page yet, you should consider updating your website with one. It will attract more potential customers when they are looking for your business.

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Having a mobile-friendly website will boost your company’s success. A fast loading website is essential to appear in Google search results.

A mobile-friendly website positively impacts user experience and will turn more visitors into customers.

With the potential to develop your business online, you should capitalise on this responsive web design by creating a mobile-friendly website that promotes your brand.

If you’re interested in learning more information about responsive web design, contact Sanders Design today.