The Top 30 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

The Top 30 Most Useful WordPress Plugins new - Sanders Design

Are you a small business owner who is looking for ways to optimise and enhance your WordPress website? With so many features, plugins, themes, and options available today, it can be difficult to know where to start. If this sounds like you, don’t worry.

We have compiled a list of the ‌top WordPress plugins that will help you get the most out of your site quickly and easily. You’ll soon be on your way towards creating a great online presence for your business in no time – with only minimal effort needed from yourself! Read on to find out more about these must-have tools.

Why Are Plugins Important?

Plugins are essential for websites because they allow them to expand their functionalities and capabilities. For example, a plugin could add features like customer engagement, portfolio galleries, or contact forms. Additionally, plugins help to improve SEO performance by creating different links and increasing keyword density in content, which can ultimately boost website rankings in search engine results.

Plugins also allow website owners to manage and fine-tune their websites more effectively so that users have an improved browsing experience. With all of these benefits, it’s clear why plugins are crucial for any website looking to succeed online.

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Best WordPress Plugins

With so many WordPress plugins on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine the best. Whether you’re looking to optimise performance and security or develop superior content experiences, there’s a plugin designed to meet your needs. We compiled a list of the top 30 most useful WordPress plugins.

1. Hubspot – A platform with all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, and customer service. Using Hubspot, each product on the forum is powerful alone, but the magic happens when you use them together.

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2. WPForms The perfect WordPress plugin for creating powerful, user-friendly forms. It’s so easy to use that you can have a form up and running in just minutes without any coding knowledge. With features like drag & drop form building, smart conditional logic, and instant notifications, WPForms takes the hassle out of managing forms. Not only will you be able to set up online forms with no headaches quickly, but you can also maximise your website’s potential by collecting customer feedback, allowing visitors to subscribe to your mailing list and more.

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3. All-In-One SEOA WordPress plugin that optimises SEO quickly and easily. All-In-One SEO is powerful enough for professionals yet simple enough for WordPress beginners; it provides the perfect balance of perks, like automated updates and the ability to customise meta titles and descriptions with a user-friendly interface that requires no coding experience. Whether you’re just starting with WordPress or have years of experience with this powerful platform, you can’t go wrong with this.

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4. WooCommerceAn invaluable WordPress plugin that enables small businesses to create a powerful and user-friendly online store. With a stunning range of product display options, as well as advanced features such as shipping and payments, services, tax calculation, automatic invoicing, and secure checkout — all backed by WordPress’ dependable security features — WooCommerce provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to get up and to run in no time. Easy installation and intuitive setup make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to launch their business without spending days or weeks learning complicated forms of website coding. With WooCommerce on your side, you’re just moments away from selling online.

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5. Yoast SEOA WordPress plugin that provides many tools to help you optimise your website for better search engine performance. It includes keyword and content analysis, meta tag management, XML sitemap creation, and site structure optimisation. With its friendly user interface and robust set of features, Yoast SEO makes it easy to improve the visibility of your WordPress website to the world!

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6. Jetpack A WordPress plugin that makes website creation and maintenance easy. With this plugin, WordPress users can access apps, tools and resources to help them design a professional website quickly. It includes security monitoring and spam filtering, performance optimisation, image and video hosting, social media auto-posting, website analytics, and more. With the power of Jetpack, WordPress enthusiasts can create impressive websites and quickly and efficiently handle their maintenance needs.

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7. Elementor A WordPress plugin that offers users an easy, user-friendly way to design stunning WordPress sites with a drag-and-drop page builder. Elementor provides a smooth visual editing experience, so you don’t have to know how to code to build high-quality WordPress sites. With numerous rich features and an innovative approach, it puts powerful tools right at your fingertips, enabling WordPress users of all levels of technical ability to create beautiful WordPress sites quickly and easily.

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8. MonsterInsights – The most powerful WordPress plugin to maximise website performance and analyse user behaviour. It makes it easy to track the activity on your website with real-time data and easily accessible reports. With MonsterInsights, you can quickly identify areas of success and know exactly where improvements can be made. The insights you gain will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions that could positively impact your website’s growth and online visibility. Try MonsterInsights today for WordPress website analytics tailored to fit your needs.

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9. Constant Contact An easy-to-use marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses. With their WordPress plugin, users can easily add features that allow them to easily create professional newsletters, maintain customer relationships with customisable automation, and quickly collect contact information with signup forms. Constant Contact also offers intuitive reporting tools giving business owners the insights they need to track performance and make strategic decisions. Furthermore, the company has a friendly and knowledgeable support team ready to help ensure business owners get the most out of their platform.

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10. TrustPulseWhen it comes to WordPress plugins, TrustPulse tops the list with its real-time visitor activity notifications that engage more website users. This efficient WordPress plugin offers a remarkable tool to improve user trust and engagement with social proof notifications. By featuring on-site notifications of recent user activities such as purchases, registrations & reviews, TrustPulse encourages more customers to take action and helps grow businesses online at an incredible pace. With its flexibility in customising notification designs and content, TrustPulse gives WordPress users better control over their websites’ social sharing messages. It is one of the few WordPress plugins that can’t be overlooked.

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11. SeedProdA WordPress plugin that helps users build unique WordPress landing pages in minutes. With this powerful plugin, users can access dozens of visually stunning, easy-to-customise, responsive templates tailored to their businesses. Different design and display options can be easily selected, allowing site owners to create the perfect presentation for whatever product or service they are trying to launch or promote. SeedProd plugin is designed with the non-marketer in mind; it’s intuitive and feature-rich, so users can get up and running quickly without needing any design or coding experience.

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12. W3 Total Cache WordPress has been a popular and reliable website platform for years, but when it comes to speed, WordPress websites can sometimes be slow. Fortunately, W3 Total Cache is here to help. This WordPress plugin speeds up WordPress sites by reducing the load times and increasing the reader’s page speed experience. It also allows WordPress sites to stay optimised and run at top performance. With this tool, WordPress users can keep their websites fast, reliable, and up-to-date with minimal effort. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your WordPress site running at full speed without the hassle of managing it yourself, W3 Total Cache is an invaluable asset.

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13. Smush A groundbreaking WordPress plugin revolutionising how users manage their website images. Its revolutionary compression algorithm compresses up to 32 MB file sizes with no loss in quality, reducing strain on WordPress website hosting plans and WordPress-powered websites using high bandwidth images. Smush also features lazy loading and support for WebP images. Plus, it’s free and easy to install–a great option if you need an optimised WordPress image solution without breaking the bank.

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14. OptinMonsterThis WordPress plugin helps you quickly and easily create attractive opt-in forms. With its drag-and-drop form builder, this plugin allows you to create an infinite variety of customisable forms, making it easy for anyone—with or without coding experience—to design the perfect opt-in forms for their WordPress website. With features like page-level targeting and split testing, OptinMonster ensures your opt-in forms are highly effective. Its detailed analytics allow you to track progress over time to maximise your conversions. OptinMonster is the go-to WordPress solution for creating powerful and successful opt-in forms.

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15. MemberPress MemberPress plugin can take your membership website to the next level. Designed for serious professionals and entrepreneurs, it provides a complete suite of easy-to-use tools that give you the power to create, manage, and track your memberships. With its robust monetisation options, it’s never been easier to set up payment forms, offer subscription plans and access levels, run promotions and discounts, and many more features to quickly generate recurring revenue streams. Whether you want to drip out content regularly or build an entire membership community from scratch, MemberPress gives you all the tools required to succeed.

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16. UpdraftPlus UpdraftPlus is the ideal WordPress plugin for backing up and restoring your WordPress site. With robust backup and restore features, you can quickly back up your WordPress in a few easy steps, customise what gets backed up, and rest assured that no matter where your WordPress remains safe and secure. When restoring, you have multiple options, so you’ll be sure to find the restoration option that fits your WordPress needs best. With intuitive interfaces for backup and restore setting configurations, handling backups has never been so effortless – whether manual or scheduled.

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17. WP Rocket A WordPress plugin designed to speed up WordPress performance. WP Rocket helps WordPress users reduce their website’s load time by leveraging the latest technologies, such as lazy loading, minification, and caching. It promises quicker loading times for those on desktop or mobile devices and can make significant contributions to SEO rankings. With effective optimisation techniques like responsive design, website owners can experience a significant performance boost with WP Rocket.

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18. WP Mail SMTP WordPress has some email settings that don’t work properly with hosting, but most sites require WordPress to send emails. To make sure WordPress emails are delivered reliably. Wp Mail SMTP is a WordPress plugin that helps fix this problem. By installing the plugin, WordPress sites can configure any SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) provider and ensure their WordPress emails are sent reliably – an invaluable software for WordPress site owners who need reliable mail delivery! It makes configuring WordPress emails fast and easy.

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19. Sucuri It is the world’s top WordPress plugin for website security, delivering powerful protection and peace of mind for WordPress administrators and visitors. It implements an Extended Detection & Response (XDR) system to identify malicious behaviour on WordPress websites, actively block new threats, promptly alert customers of any activity, and provide a full scan of any WordPress environment. This helps website owners address any potential risk of cyber attack before its effects can cause damage or inconvenience. Moreover, Sucuri provides end-to-end WordPress optimisation, general web performance boosting, and timely support backed by expert advice and sophisticated technology.

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20. Borderless This WordPress plugin offers a simple solution for business owners to give their customers a shopping experience that transcends the constraints of national boundaries. With Borderless, you can take advantage of new international opportunities in the modern world to increase your customer base and boost your sales. On top of that, the payment processing is secure and reliable without any additional work required from you. Get borderless today and start expanding into new markets with ease.

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21. iThemes Security is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can elevate the security of your WordPress site. It offers multiple levels of protection, such as strong password enforcement, Google reCAPTCHA integration, malicious URL blocking, and more. You can also detect file changes with WordPress activity monitoring and receive notifications when something unexpected occurs. With iThemes Security, you can know that your WordPress website is safe and secure.

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22. WP Sticky A WordPress plugin allowing website owners to create engaging and useful content for their visitors. It has a wide range of features that make it incredibly user-friendly and efficient, from allowing you to easily pin your posts to the top of the blog page to providing widgets that can display featured articles or popular posts throughout your website. WP Sticky also allows for attachments such as images and videos to make your content more visually appealing, boosting viewer interaction. From small business websites to personal blogs, WP Sticky is an essential tool.

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23. MetForm – is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of building contact forms and other online forms. With this tool, you can easily create custom forms in WordPress without coding or design skills. It gives you an easy way to collect data from visitors and allows you to control every aspect of your form with powerful features and customisations. Create professional-looking forms with drag-and-drop elements, set conditional logic so users only see relevant questions based on previous answers, track submissions and export data easily––all represented on a single page that adapts perfectly to mobile devices and desktop screens. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, MetForm is the perfect WordPress plugin for creating any form in WordPress.

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24. Monarch WordPress users looking for comprehensive and simplified analytics solutions can find great utility in the Monarch WordPress plugin. It offers social sharing, view stats, and location-based insights to help website owners earn more traffic and conversions. With Monarch‘s analytics suite, WordPress users can gain better insight into their user base and create helpful marketing strategies. The intuitive design of Monarch makes understanding metrics more accessible than ever before, allowing WordPress website owners to strengthen their online presence with minimal effort.

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25. Uncanny Automator The Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin is the perfect tool for streamlining your WordPress site. It comes with powerful rules and automation; setting them up is quick and easy, so you can get instant results without writing a single line of code. With Uncanny Automator, you can conveniently boost your WordPress site’s performance in dozens of different areas – whether it be enhancing the user experience through automated actions and communications, achieving better website focus, supporting marketing initiatives, or simply removing tedium from daily operations activities. Its simple yet highly effective interface makes it understandable to all WordPress users, which further helps unlock its true potential of making WordPress more efficient and ultimately more rewarding.

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26. SearchWP If you’re looking for an efficient WordPress plugin to help you quickly find the content you need, SearchWP is the perfect option. With powerful search engine capabilities built in, this plugin will provide you with a powerful and intuitive way to search your WordPress database. Plus, it’s simple to set up – no coding experience is needed. Whether you’ve got a small WordPress blog or a large enterprise site, ‌makes finding the right content is effortless. Try it out ‌today and experience the difference for yourself.

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27. Google Workspace A powerful suite of apps from Google, this is the perfect solution for small businesses and organisations looking for an all-in-one toolkit. With everything from Gmail and Calendar to Docs, Sheets, and more, Google Workspace allows easy collaboration between teams so everyone can stay on top of their workloads. Even better, WordPress users can now easily sync up their WordPress sites with Google Workspace thanks to the WordPress plugin! Ensure your WordPress site is always in sync with what’s going on in Google Workspace so you never miss an important update or deadline.

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28. SEMRush – This WordPress plugin offers powerful analytics and insights to help you optimise your online presence. It emphasises tracking keyword rankings, organic research and competitor analysis – so you can track your progress in the search engine result pages. With the help of this powerful tool, you’ll be able to plan your digital marketing strategy in a comprehensive and organised manner. On top of this, Instagram Ads integration and backlink audit are also included in SEMRush‘s arsenal of features, ensuring that your WordPress website remains up-to-date with effective SEO practices. Utilising this WordPress plugin gives you an advantage when it comes to making intelligent, data-driven decisions for the growth of your digital enterprise.

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29. WP CodeWordPress customisations can be managed and created with WordPress plugins, including WP Code. WP Code is a WordPress plugin that allows users to add effective code snippets directly into the WordPress Admin dashboard to extend the WordPress default functionality and customise WordPress websites. Through a straightforward user interface, non-technical users can quickly create helpful changes. With an extensive library of snippets, creating a WordPress website tailor-made for any user’s needs is easy. WP Code makes adding functions and edits simple without manually adding each code snippet or hiring a WordPress web developer.

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30. Code SnippetsWriting code can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! WordPress has created a plugin that makes sharing and reusing code snippets much easier. Not only does this WordPress plugin make it simpler to use pre-written code, but it saves developers time. This plugin stores all the snippets in one convenient place so coders can quickly and efficiently find them when needed. Collaboration between developers is also greatly improved, with the ability to comment and rate each snippet and an enhanced search function. Whether you’re just starting as a coder or already have lots of experience, The Code Snippet plugin will help simplify your workflow process.

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Best WordPress Plugins

Customising your website with WordPress plugins and widgets can be an exciting journey as they give you the power to create a dynamic and visually appealing website. With WordPress, you have an extensive library of plugins and widgets, enabling you to customise everything from background colours to header images and fonts. Create the perfect look and feel that speaks to your visitors while keeping them engaged with interesting content. You can even customise special features such as music players, podcast players, opt-in forms, social media integration, and more. Be creative with how you utilise all of these powerful tools to make your website really stand out from the competition.

What Are WordPress Plugins and Widgets?

WordPress plugins and widgets are a great way to add features and functionality to any WordPress website. They are both an easy and powerful way of customising websites, allowing users to gain more control over the look and feel of their sites and what they can provide viewers. Plugins are self-contained sets of code that will enable you to extend the core functionalities of WordPress; widgets provide users with small blocks containing information or navigation, which can be placed in different areas on the website. In addition, users can also tweak pre-made templates for their own needs. Utilising plugins and widgets is a great way for any wearer to tailor their WordPress site just how they want it.

How to Install and Activate Plugins and Widgets

Installing and activating plugins and widgets on your website can dramatically improve the overall experience for you and your viewers. However, it can also be daunting if you are new to website design. Luckily, it is much simpler than it may initially appear. Simply download the plugin or widget you choose and upload it to your server through FTP. Then log into your dashboard and click the activation button within the plugin manager. Once activated, you can adjust settings to fine-tune the plugin to fit your needs perfectly!

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Popular Plugins and Widgets for Beginners

Getting started with WordPress can be a daunting task for those trying to create their very own website, but utilising popular plugins and widgets can simplify the process in a big way. Popular plugins and widgets are designed to make navigation and functionality easier for users while offering professional-level features at an accessible level. Not only are they easy to add to any website page, but they also often come packed with customisation options that allow you to tailor everything to your unique needs.

Additionally, most popular plugins offer detailed documentation so that even beginners can understand how each piece works. Whether it’s an eCommerce plugin or a basic contact form, these tools can significantly enhance what you have built – giving you an even better user experience.


Top WordPress plugins are a must-have for any website looking to maximise its potential. These powerful tools offer added features, reduced development costs, and frequent updates to keep your website up-to-date. With the ability to customise your website’s design and performance, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

At Sanders Design, our WordPress web design services team can help you identify the best plugins for your website and ensure they are integrated seamlessly. If you have any questions about WordPress plugins or need help with web development, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert developers are always ready to provide assistance and help take your website to the next level.