Making an Impact With Web Design Services for Small Businesses!

Making an Impact With Web Design for Small Businesses - Sanders Design

At Sanders Design, I provide professional-quality small business websites, bespoke branding, logo design, and social media marketing. High impact web design for small businesses to reap the rewards usually locked behind pricing; only large organisations can afford. 

I like to think that my services are affordable, professional, and perfect for any business needing the kind of small business web design that attracts visitors, increases sales, and leads to repeat customers.

Small businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to affordable yet professional web design and logo creation services. Large companies can invest thousands of pounds in services that small businesses simply can’t afford, giving them an advantage over smaller competitors that’s hard to overcome. 

Sanders Design small business website design services allow even the smallest business website to compete with larger competitors on an equal footing. My services put control back in the hands of small businesses with results-driven website and graphic design creation services. 

Regardless of the size or type of your company, I can help with all aspects of web design, from planning and building to hosting, maintenance, expansion, SEO, and marketing.

Sanders Design also provides top-quality graphic design services for everything from professional logos to attractive print designs that capture attention and demand consideration, saving you the time and trouble of sourcing and vetting additional service providers.

If you’d like to know more about the website design, graphic design, and social media marketing services on offer, please read on.

Ready to get started on your new small business website today? Great, I’m here to create a custom small business website for your company that stacks up to even your largest competitors.

Why Does My Small Business Need Sanders Design?

Creating the best web design for small businesses is a balancing act.

You need to get as much value from your invested time and money as possible while avoiding expensive services that don’t provide commensurate benefits. 

This means you need a designer that can create small business website designs with the right blend of features at a price that helps you get the most from your investment.

Sanders Design has spent years working with small businesses the world over to provide effective web design services that meet their needs and achieve their goals without costing an arm and a leg. This makes Sanders Design one of the best options available when it comes to producing small business website design.

“Martin recently did a re-design of our website. We had a fairly strict brief, tight budget and a deadline. Martin fulfilled all aspects of the brief and delivered a great website on time. We are very happy with our new website and we will definitely be using him again.” COOL CANVAS TENT COMPANY

From WordPress content management systems (CMS) that provide optimal user experience to social media and digital marketing services, I create results-driven mobile-friendly website designs built with search optimisation and hosting included. 

My web design for small businesses includes WordPress-based company websites where you can enjoy many of the same benefits that larger companies do without breaking your budget.

Aside from the nitty-gritty technical aspects, there’s another primary reason small businesses choose Sanders Design to help with their website design and digital marketing efforts: my dedication to customer service. 

As a professional, experienced web designer, I understand you don’t have time to worry about minor technical details when you’re focused on running your business. That’s why there are no complicated interfaces to learn or monotonous research to perform — tell me what you need, and I’ll handle it from there.

My commitment to customer service means I help in every way possible to make the web design process easier for you. As Sanders Design builds your small business website, you’ll be able to provide feedback in realtime to ensure all your desired changes are implemented, so your website does everything you need.

Simply let me know what you want to achieve with your website design or digital marketing, and I’ll come up with the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals of increasing traffic and sales.

What web design services do I offer?

Sanders Design provides a number of high-quality web design services that I’ll cover in more detail soon. For skimmers, here’s the short version:

  • Professional websites perfect for businesses of all kinds 
  • Mobile-friendly website designs which look great on all modern devices
  • Search Engine Optimisation to help visitors find your products and services
  • Website updates and improvements, using WordPress
  • Design any website, from standard web pages to full-fledged E-commerce solutions
  • WordPress Care Plans, so you never have to worry about updates, security, or backups.

While sometimes easily overlooked, planning is an essential part of the website design process. If you don’t know what your goals are and have a plan to achieve them, it’s hard to judge how much value you’re getting for your money. 

That’s why my web design for small business process starts with helping you decide what your goals are and uncovering the best way to achieve them.

You won’t have to worry about substandard call-centre service or sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. I’ve got years of experience building websites for all kinds of companies, and I know what it takes to get the most out of a website design.

Sanders Design has simplified the process of small business web design by eliminating complex user interfaces, making it easy to have a website that optimises your business’s potential and impresses your customers.

Of course, there’s more to a website than simply building it. That’s why my WordPress Care Plan takes the work out of keeping your company website optimised, ensuring it stays up-to-date, secure, and backed-up. 

By eliminating the concerns of keeping a small business website up and running, I let you instead focus on growing your business.

What types of websites do I develop?

I offer small business web design packages featuring WordPress, this enables your Sanders Design bespoke website to change to evolving marketing demands. Every site I create, regardless of purpose or design, is easy to update and includes essential features like SEO and hosting.

From single web pages to full-featured E-commerce solutions capable of promoting unlimited products, my small business web design packages will give you everything you need to compete on a professional level. Additional services, like digital marketing, work hand-in-hand to provide you with the most value for the least money and effort possible.

Web pages – Bespoke websites don’t need to cost a fortune to provide high value. Custom WordPress-based website designs come with everything you need, from website creation to hosting and SEO. Even if you have a small local business, Sanders Design can help get you seen so you can generate leads and drive sales.

Marketing sites – Custom-designed marketing sites are perfect for any company desiring a place to list their products and services and promote their brand. These sites are more powerful than single web pages, making them well-suited for businesses needing a little more power and flexibility when it comes to their online marketing efforts.

Booking sites – If your business web design requirements include the ability for customers to make bookings 24/7, your business needs a booking website. Booking websites will allow your visitors to schedule services like consultations and rentals right from your website, eliminating the need for you to answer telephone calls and reply to messages at odd hours. This kind of website design gives you an easy way to manage and increase your bookings with minimal effort.

E-commerce websites – When it comes to website design, E-commerce sites are the biggest and most powerful, though also the most complex. These sites let you post unlimited products, create coupons, upsell, and so much more I can’t list it all here. Essentially, if the goal of your small business website is to quickly and efficiently sell products on your own site, you need an E-commerce site from Sanders Design.

What graphic design service do I offer?

I offer a full range of creative graphic design services, including logo creation and print design. I know how vital professional graphic design is for helping small businesses establish their brands and sell their products. 

That’s why Sanders Design graphic design services are perfect not only for small business websites but for any design requirements your company may have. These services include:

  • Branded stationery
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Folders
  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Digital Branded Assets

If you need any graphic design or print services, I can help, regardless of whether you need a small business website or just professional-looking business cards.

What social media services do I offer?

Increasing followers is one of the best ways for small businesses to see better results from their social media marketing efforts. The more followers your company has, the easier it is to share your products and services with them. 

While it can be difficult for newcomers to leverage social media to grow their businesses, I have the tools and experience needed to drive engagement and elicit interactions efficiently and affordably.

Social media marketing graphics are a valuable asset when it comes to building your brand on social media. These attractive images grab the attention of viewers and encourage them to interact with your brand, helping to drive traffic and boost sales.

Social media campaigns are an excellent way to put your products and services directly in front of those most likely to purchase them. However, there’s more to campaign delivery than simply running some ads. 

That’s why you need someone like Sanders Design, who understands how factors like time, targeting, and presentation impact viewers’ buying choices and can use that knowledge to get the most out of every pound you spend on advertising.

UK website & graphic design services

Living in a world connected by fibre optic cables and satellite signals, it’s easy to find website design services from every corner of the globe. But not all web design services are created equal, and not all website designers have the skills needed to maximise sales and user experience for a given geographic area. 

Sometimes, you need a website designer that understands who you are and where you come from. That’s why when it comes to small business website design in the UK, clients contact Sanders Design.

I’ve never forgotten my roots in the United Kingdom, nor that my friends and neighbours have unique goals and perspectives best served by someone familiar with them. 

Being located in Cornwall allows Sanders Design to design websites aptly suited for companies in the UK without issues related to language barriers or cultural misapprehensions.

If you need a business web design services in the UK, look no further than Sanders Design. I have the skills, experience, and local knowledge to help your small business maximise its potential. 

Whether you need a content management system to organise blogs, an e-commerce site to sell your products or a website design that includes search engine optimisation, I’ve got you covered.


There are plenty of options available when it comes to building websites for businesses, but you’ll want to keep a few key points in mind if you want the best small business website design.

Look for an experienced, knowledgeable designer who understands how to help any company find success in their digital marketing efforts. Web design consultants who provide additional services, like graphic design and social media marketing, are a great way to consolidate costs and allow you to work with fewer people to achieve your goals, which significantly simplifies the process.

Ensure that your small business website includes features like SEO, digital marketing services, mobile-friendly design, and hosting. Remember, all website designs need to effectively sell products and services for their company, and provide the kind of user experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

You’ll also want a web design for small business focused on ease of use so updates are quick and painless, which will save you on labour costs and general frustration. The faster and more efficiently you can manage your website, the more productive you can be.

If you want all these features and more from a designer that’s easy to work with, yet has the experience and talent needed to get the work done, you need Sanders Design. So what are you waiting for? Contact me today, and let Sanders Design get started on building the small business website your company needs to attract more traffic and increase sales!