What Should Be Included in a Web Design Package

What Should Be Included in a Web Design Package - Sanders Design

What should be included in a web design package? Building a website for a small business is an important step in establishing an online presence. It is essential to have a website that reflects the company’s brand and provides customers with the information they need. But how much does building a website for a small business cost?

When considering the cost of building a website, there are many factors to consider, such as what should be included in the package, web design, hosting fees, and other related costs. This article will discuss what should be included in a website design package and how much it typically costs to build a website for small businesses.

What Is A Web Design Package?

It is perfect for anyone looking to get their business online quickly and affordably. It offers a professional experience with a streamlined set of web development services geared to the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

From website hosting, domain name registration, and website design to custom development for complex tasks like integrating content delivery networks, shopping carts, and eCommerce sites, this streamlines everything from start to finish so you can have your business up and running on a beautiful website in no time at all.

Ultimately, the correct package will enable you to create a professional website that matches your requirements while giving your consumers a delightful user experience.

Business Web Design Package Features

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly package for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Our business packages offer a variety of features that make creating and managing a website both simple and efficient. With our packages, you can easily customise the design of your site to fit your brand identity, add helpful tools such as contact forms or shopping carts, create engaging content through custom photo galleries or online blogs, and even optimise search engine visibility.

Our packages also provide helpful analytics to track marketing success, so you can get the most out of what you’re putting into your website. Here are some features that are essential for a website design package.

Custom Website Design

If you are considering a new website for your business, investing in a custom website design will ensure you get exactly what you need. With a web design package, you know that all essential details like the overall look and feel, content presentation, user interface, and branding will not just be handled to your standards – they will exceed them!

A customised approach ensures that what you end up with is unique to your business. By working with an experienced custom website designer, you can expect the highest quality of user experience optimisation. So what are you waiting for?

Invest in custom website design now and make sure your business stands out from the rest.

Integration With Social Media

Web design packages can provide an invaluable resource for companies looking to establish or boost their presence online. Integrating with popular social media platforms allows companies to create meeting points with engaging and exciting customers.

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Whether through creative content postings, responding to customer inquiries, or giving glimpses into company culture and vision – these elements within a web design package provide a wealth of capabilities to help a business build its brand.

This gives potential customers a broader view of what the company is about and boosts customer engagement, which can translate into improved loyalty and repeat business.

Stock Images And Image Editing

Whether creating a website, designing a banner ad, or just needing some graphics for your blog post, using stock images is an absolute must. Stock images are photographs, illustrations, and diagrams offered in what’s known as royalty-free collections. Once you purchase or licence the image from the stock image library, you can use it “as often as you’d like.”

And here’s where image editing comes into play; adding that extra bit of dynamic flair with eye-catching colours or text to adjust how the image looks to suit your needs. Web design packages can include features such as built-in tools that enable you to lighten and darken colours, position your images within the page layout without losing quality or detail, and rotate them any way you choose.

Scalability To Grow And Add More Pages And Functions

A website should be able to grow and add more pages and functionality.

With suitable web designing packages, there’s no need to worry about what the website will look like in five years. Instead of repeatedly redesigning a website, you can pick a package that allows for change. 

Your designer or team can create what is known as a “growth plan” for your website, which outlines what could potentially be added down the line. It’s always better to opt for something designed with future changes in mind from the start instead of going back later to ‘tweak’ what was already put into place.

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Ability To Work Within Budgets

Doing basic search engine optimisation (SEO) can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase website traffic. It ensures that your website is easily interpreted by major search engines and ranks well when users conduct relevant queries.

Support And Maintenance

Managing your website doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Web support and maintenance packages offer a great way to make managing your website easy. It begins with what’s known as a ‘website care package,” which encompasses all of the necessary parts for your website’s support, from hosting, backups, and plugin upgrades. It’s a streamlined service that ensures your website performs how you want it to. It also protects your online website and business from hacking.

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Content Management System And Training

Finding the perfect web design package for your website can be daunting. With so many options available, deciding what is best for you can take time and effort. 

Content Management Systems such as WordPress make managing your website easier than ever. A Content Management System is software that allows users to modify and manage their website content without knowing much about coding or design. 

A Content Management System allows website managers to edit their website via an online editor. However, learning how to use the system efficiently may require some training. Though tutorials are sometimes available online, nothing beats having an expert take you step-by-step through what is needed to edit your website. 

That’s why at Sanders Design, we create stunning websites and give you the training resources to manage your website easily—allowing you to take more control over your marketing.

Clear And Transparent Costings And Prices

It is essential to understand what is included in a web design package. Clear, transparent costs instil confidence and make it easier to shop around for what suits your specific needs and budget. This way, you won’t commit to something that doesn’t fit what you were looking for the first time or needlessly spend on services you didn’t know existed. 

Knowing the total cost upfront can leave more room in the budget when planning what you require from a website design package.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile-responsive design is an essential element of creating a web design package. It refers to the ability of a website to resize itself and its content to fit whatever device your users may be viewing it on – whether it’s their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

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This ensures that visitors can enjoy a seamless experience as they move from one device to another while also boosting your SEO rankings by eliminating duplicate content. More than just being important for user experience, mobile responsive design is becoming increasingly critical for marketing success in general. 

With more and more people relying on their devices for quick access to information, having an optimised site has almost become mandatory for staying ahead of the competition.

Final Words

With a better understanding of what should be included in a website design package, you should now understand that you don’t need to be a tech expert or spend a lot of money to have an excellent website for your small business. Following the tips in this article, you can have a functional and affordable website to help grow your business. 

If you need help getting started, our team at Sanders Design would be happy to assist you.

We specialise in building websites for small to medium-sized companies and can create a custom-designed website that fits your needs and budget. Talk to Us; we’re always here to help businesses succeed online.