Why Do Web Designers Use WordPress

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So why do web designers use WordPress? WordPress offers an incredibly versatile platform that provides multiple advantages to creating modern websites. From its user-friendly interface to its expansive library of pre-made themes and plugins, WordPress has grown in popularity over the years due to its features that make the website-building process easier for any web designer.

With so many benefits associated with this popular Content Management System (CMS), it’s easy to see why many designers use WordPress for their projects. In this blog post, we’ll discuss precisely why web designers use WordPress for all their website design projects.

What is WordPress and How Does It Work

WordPress has quickly become the web designer’s go-to Content Management System solution thanks to its extensive features, flexibility and endless customisation options. From its user-friendly interface to its ease of use, web designers and developers have been increasingly turning to WordPress for their projects. It provides a robust framework that they can adapt and customise without coding knowledge. What’s even more impressive is the array of plugins that allow them to add virtually any functionality they need to their created websites – making it easier for beginners to create stunning, sophisticated website designs with minimal effort.

It has become a dominant Content Management System (CMS) for web designers due to its numerous benefits. This blog post will explore why web designers use WordPress for their website design projects.

Why Is WordPress so Popular?

Why is WordPress so popular - Sanders Design

WordPress has become the go-to platform for web designers and developers due to its ease of use and feature-rich environment. Not only is it incredibly user-friendly and accessible, but it also provides all the functionality one could want from a CMS, such as editing capabilities, built-in themes and custom plugins that enhance websites with added features like social media widgets or SEO optimisation tools.

WordPress also offers technical tools for web design, such as drag-and-drop page builders, to simplify website construction. With its vast library of resources and flexibility, WordPress empowers them to quickly create influential sites tailored to an individual’s project needs. Coupled with its affordability and reliability, it’s no surprise why WordPress is so popular among web professionals today.

Here are some reasons why WordPress is popular.

Easy to Expand and Update

WordPress is popular amongst website developers and owners because of its easy-to-use platform, making it suitable for any website. Not only is the barebones structure of WordPress user-friendly and quick to create but its expandability and ability to update make it an invaluable asset. With just a few clicks deciding the layout of your page or adding new features, WordPress allows anyone to personalise their content easily.

Thanks to this levelled playing field for customisation, WordPress can be used for anything from blogs and portfolios to online stores – increasing its popularity even further as a reliable and accessible platform for website creators.

SEO Friendly Out-Of-The-Box

Setting up and running a website used to be an arduous task, requiring planning, technical knowledge, and lots of time. But the emergence of WordPress has changed all that: it’s designed to be easy to use while letting you customise a website exactly how you want it. 

Furthermore, it even makes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) easier. Its out-of-the-box features include ensuring every page has a title tag and providing your content is shareable so it can quickly reach a broad audience. And when combined with other powerful SEO tools like Yoast, optimising for search engines becomes more accessible than ever before. 

With these capabilities already embedded into its design, WordPress makes building and managing an online presence significantly more straightforward.

It is Open Source

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and content management platforms. Thanks to it being open-source software, developers can expand on its features and capabilities with plugins, themes, and other customisations, allowing users to make their websites truly unique and tailored to their needs.

Open source also ensures transparency with its codebase and updates, allowing it to be continuously improved upon for better performance for makers, brands, businesses, and anyone else creating content through WordPress. Nothing beats the flexibility that comes from having a completely open-source platform!

Offers Thousands of Ready-To-Use Plugins

WordPress has you covered if you’re looking for the perfect plugin to give your website extra functionality without needing any coding knowledge. It offers thousands of beautifully designed and user-friendly plugins that effortlessly install with just a few clicks.

Offers Thousands of Ready to use Plugins - Sanders Design

Whether you need to add a shopping cart, improve SEO, or enable social media integration, there will surely be something in the vast array of plugins to meet your needs. Not only are they high quality and effective, but they are free. Enjoy all the features and benefits WordPress’ available plugins offer.

With WordPress, You’re Not Tied Down

With WordPress, you have the freedom to be creative and innovative. It’s an excellent platform for businesses large and small, enabling you to create dynamic web pages that capture your customer’s attention.

As a bonus, the platform is so user-friendly that website management has never been simpler – no coding experience is necessary! Plus, with WordPress, you can make changes without committing to long-term hosting contracts. So go ahead, and live your best digital life – WordPress is there to help!

Why Do Web Designers Use WordPress?

WordPress is famous to many because of its user-friendly interface, easy-to-use features and powerful customisation capabilities. The platform offers hundreds of templates, so the design possibilities are virtually endless. Additionally, the open-source code allows web designers to make any necessary changes to ensure the website meets their client’s needs. 

Furthermore, WordPress offers full integration with third-party software, plugins and applications. This allows them to add content and analyse analytics efficiently and comprehensively.

Finally, WordPress’s library of resources means there are always plenty of options if help or access to tutorials is needed. These features make WordPress an intelligent choice for these professionals when designing websites quickly and conveniently.

Ways on How You Can Use WordPress

WordPress is the leading platform for creating websites. It can be used for various tasks, from crafting a blog to building an e-commerce store. With its robust content management system and intuitive design tools, WordPress makes it easy to customise your website to fit your needs.

It’s also remarkably versatile – you can create everything from small personal sites to high-profile corporate portals. Furthermore, with thousands of themes and plugins in the WordPress library, you can build and customise any website effortlessly. Here are the ways where you can use WordPress.

1. Start a Blog

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If you’re interested in starting a blog, it’s easier than ever with WordPress. WordPress has many ways to customise and personalise your blog to make it the perfect platform for expressing yourself. You can add themes, plugins and widgets that help you create the page your blog needs. Additionally, WordPress is user-friendly and offers a wealth of resources to get you started online – making it the perfect place to begin your blogging journey.

2. Make a Business Website

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A great business website is critical to success in today’s digital landscape. Whether you are looking for ways to use WordPress to set up a professional-looking website quickly or want something more custom and tailored to your specific needs, there are many ways to ensure your business has the best website possible. With the right combination of themes, plugins, and custom code when necessary, it’s easier than ever to create an eye-catching business website that will make a lasting impression on customers.

3. Start an Online Store

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Starting an online store is a great way to begin or expand your business. Utilising ways to use WordPress to create your platform is an easy, cost-effective way to get started. This can help you manage orders and payments, list products, display images and descriptions, and offer resources for shipping information or FAQs. Setting up an online store with WordPress doesn’t require extensive experience in web design and coding — meaning that professionals and entrepreneurs of all skill sets can benefit from this opportunity. With plenty of tech support, getting started doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Have fun creating the perfect store for you—the endless possibilities.

4. Build a Membership Website

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Building a membership website has never been easier with ways to use WordPress. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a wide array of plugins and themes, it’s now more accessible for small businesses to create secure, personalised sites for their members. Setting up plans, managing user roles and tracking membership payment history can all be accomplished in one place. It is an affordable platform to customise, and members can also easily access information through user accounts and tailored dashboards. Create a membership website that grows with your business today.

5. Sell Online Courses

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Selling online courses with WordPress is one of the best ways to monetise your business and increase its marketing potential. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to get started – all you need is a good understanding of how to use WordPress to turn course materials into products. With WordPress, you can easily create attractive course websites and integrate powerful e-commerce capabilities so that learners can purchase your courses without any hassle. Whether you want to increase your solo income or expand the reach of your business, selling online courses through WordPress is an effective route worth exploring.

6. Sell Digital Downloads

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With WordPress, it is simple to offer digital downloads for sale. WordPress provides ways to make this possible whether you want to sell ebooks, music, or artwork. Not only can you create custom pages with information about the downloads, but you can also go further and build a shop platform complete with check-out forms and payment processing using plugins that extend functionality. You can even market your digital products and advertise your business with WordPress through affiliates and subscription systems. Investing in ways to leverage WordPress to offer digital downloads could be a great way to grow your online business.

Final Thoughts

WordPress can be an excellent resource for website designers and business owners, offering flexibility and ease through customisation with themes, plugins and extensive resources. Your WordPress site will look fantastic and run smoothly with the proper management skills and security measures.

Above, we’ve gone over why web designers use WordPress, how to extend its functionality with themes and plugins and tips on managing your WordPress site for optimal performance — so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this powerful tool!

If you’re interested in learning more about all that you can do with WordPress or have questions about how it can work for you, talk to us at Sanders Design today. We’re always available to help make sure that your WordPress experience is an easy one.