December 2019 – January 2020



Project Brief

Avolt Electrical, formerly Lawer Electrical, is a family-operated business specializing in domestic electrical installations. With a focus on renewable energy solutions, they now offer Solar Panel and Electrical Charging installations for electric vehicles. 

Seeking a fresh corporate image, they partnered with Sanders Design to revamp their branding and enhance their visibility across Cornwall. 

They aim to become a household name synonymous with reliable and innovative electrical solutions while attracting a wider audience. 

This strategic rebranding reflects their commitment to embracing the future while staying true to their roots as a family-owned business.


AVOLT Electrical Logo v3 - Sanders Design


Company name

The client undertook a transformative journey, rebranding from Lawer Electrical to Avolt Electrical. The new name captures the client’s essence and aligns with their mission to provide powerful and reliable electrical solutions. Impactful and memorable.

Logo design

We created a unique logo for Avolt Electrical, representing their core offerings. The final design seamlessly integrates a power symbol within a home, making a memorable impression. It visually embodies the company’s commitment to efficient and sustainable home electrical power.

AVOLT Electrical Logo v2 - Sanders Design
AVOLT Electrical Logo v3 - Sanders Design

Colour palette

Avolt Electrical uses a green colour palette to represent renewable energy and showcase its eco-friendly approach. This intentional colour choice communicates the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its values at a glance.

Complete branding package

Avolt Electrical benefits from a comprehensive branding package encompassing logo, colour palette, typography, imagery guidelines, messaging, and tone of voice. This ensures a consistent and unified brand image across all touchpoints, enhancing market presence and recognition.

Stationery pack

Avolt Electrical emphasises brand consistency by providing a comprehensive stationery pack featuring branded letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and more. All materials are meticulously designed to align with the new branding guidelines.

Service vehicle design

Avolt Electrical’s brand identity extended to their service vehicle, turning it into a moving billboard to advertise their commitment to renewable energy and services.

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Avolt Van Layout Header - Sanders Design


Client success

Avolt Electrical successfully rebranded, creating a solid and memorable identity. Their transition from Lawer Electrical to Avolt Electrical reflects their commitment to power and innovation.

With a unique logo, green colour palette, and comprehensive branding package, Avolt presents a unified image across all touchpoints. This strengthens their market presence and fosters a strong customer connection.