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Bite Me Burger

Bite Me Burger believes that size doesn’t matter. The creators of mini burgers for the perfect, bite-sized snack. Delicious mini-burgers come in various-sized boxes, from duo all the way up to twenty-four.

Whether you are eating a meal on your own, having an after-work meeting or hosting a special event, Bite Me Burger will fulfil all of your burger needs.

Bite Me Burger is a truly international company with restaurants in Dubai, Singapore, Israel, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and the USA. The mini burger brand is taking the burger craze by storm!

Sanders Design was approached by Bite Me Burger, who wanted help with their portfolio of WordPress websites. The company’s WordPress portfolio had fallen behind, and it was clear that it needed to improve its online presence.

Having independent websites for each franchise would present an exciting opportunity. Bite Me Burger required a design library that would be rolled out to franchise restaurants with a unified look to ensure brand consistency.

This meant that we were not creating a single website here! We were challenged to create a complete design library that would be rolled out globally for regional restaurants.

Our work started with an audit of the online portfolio with websites covering several geographic regions and a couple of notable brands; all parts of this enterprise needed to be onboarded correctly.

It was also critical for security to update all websites to ensure that they were using the latest version of WordPress. We resolved issues, delivered hosting services and updated content.

With the portfolio now updated and secure, we set about updating the Bite Me Burger website by converting sites to the Kadence WordPress theme. This process would allow us to use the Kadence Child Theme and Cloud Library functionality to deliver an enterprise-level design library fitting the Bite Me Burger brand.

Bite Me Burger’s new website and design library provides all franchise restaurants with a unified look. Kadence allows Bite Me Burger to create and update websites for franchising opportunities as the brand grows, leveraging cloud technology.

Each franchise business now has access to a personalised WordPress website admin panel to create and update content. Sanders Design provides complementary support in conjunction with hosting, giving Bite Me Burger a competitive advantage in a global market.

Bite Me Burger - WordPress design
Bite Me Burger - WordPress mobile design
Bite Me Burger - Responsive WordPress design
Bite Me Burger - Mobile WordPress design