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Button Covering Services

Button Covering Services is a custom button maker. From making single buttons for wedding waistcoats to thousands of buttons for hotel refurbishments, Button Covering Services always provides the best finish and guarantees quality craft.

With customers that include high-end tailors located on the famous Saville Row London and regularly appearing in Paris Fashion Week, Button Covering Services delivers a genuinely bespoke service tailored specifically to your needs.

Sanders Design delivered a bespoke website to showcase Button Covering Services work and services. We created an elegant design featuring stunning images and a clear content structure.

Button Covering Services asked us to update their outdated website, and after reviewing the site, we found several areas in need of updating both behind the scenes and in the design.

We audited the old website and consulted with Button Covering Services to see what opportunities were available. The business owner agreed that a new website was needed.

To better align the site’s aesthetics with its owner’s brand vision, we propose migrating our client’s website and resolving all technical issues using WordPress.

We first reviewed Button Covering Services’ website to identify both successful and problematic aspects of the site, primarily those that were creating frustration for potential customers or preventing them from buying anything.

We first identified the most popular pages on the website, using these pages as the foundation for our design. We also identified which pages provided customer support and generated revenue based on a full audit of the site. Using this data, we created an outline for organising content in areas like navigation and structure.

Throughout the project, we welcomed feedback to keep up with our client’s needs and make adjustments. The new Button Covering Services website position’s its company as a leader in its niche by delivering a design that matches the owner’s vision for its brand.

This website positions Button Covering Services as a leading provider of bespoke buttons in a specialist niche. Ensuring customer satisfaction played an essential role in the design process, and Button Covering Services customers expect high quality throughout all touchpoints, including the website.

By seeking out input during development, we built a custom website that matches the owner’s design and personal style.

Button Coverings Services bespoke web design
Button Coverings Services Bespoke Web Design - Sanders Design
Button Coverings Services bespoke web design
Button Coverings Services bespoke web design