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Kernow Media

Kernow Media is a social media marketing agency that needed to differentiate its company in an industry with strong, well-known competitors. We helped Kernow find a unique name and aided them in developing a website that highlighted the qualities of their services for positive lead conversion.

A business made up of three separate brands, Kernow Social, Kernow Graphic Design Agency and The Kernow Show Podcast.

Sanders Design partnered with Kernow Media to implement a branded identity that included clear content, an eye-catching visual style, and calls to action.

Consulting with the owners of Kernow Media we identified that having a single umbrella brand would help leverage the business’s pre-existing reputation, enabling Kernow Media to focus marketing efforts on a single site and brand voice.

The mission was to introduce a coherent logo that would apply neatly across the Kernow Media website. we needed to design new landing pages based on user search intent for conversion optimisation and come up with attractive, simple pricing methods while also having clear calls-to-action.

Kernow Media’s development started with a discovery meeting where we first identified what was currently working and those areas within the range of services that were not generating enough business.

Sanders Design proposed a clear understanding of the business challenges and created the Kernow Media brand. This includes developing, naming, registering domain names, and more.

We undertook a search analysis of key terms used to locate Kernow Media services and created landing pages for each related term.

With a logical website structure based on search intent and the creation of powerful, bold branding by Kernow Graphic Design, we developed a website that clearly communicates Kernow Media as a leading service provider in the social media marketing sector.

Kernow Media now provides a single unified brand message with an easy-to-use website that builds upon the company’s reputation.

With one website, Kernow Media can have a more tangible connection with its marketing efforts. Landing pages are created for conversion optimisation and branding ensures the site’s look is attractive and professional.

Conversion Optimisation
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