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Kohinoor Joy

Kohinoor Joy is a prominent purveyor of South Asian cuisine, with many dishes created using the intricacies of each spice, allowing Kohinoor Joy to prepare the right dinner for any event. Kohinoor Joy pays attention to the balance of tastes while developing delectable ready meals and simple-to-make packs.

Kohinoor Joy sought a new website to allow customers to purchase items straight from their site, having previously seen success with goods available in all major UK supermarkets.

We overhauled the Kohinoor Joy website to make it more visual, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. We were asked to convert a clunky magazine-style website into an online store that highlighted Kohinoor Joy’s products.

The completed website now provides an updated branded online experience for users and features a product finder, recipe ideas, and the ability to order directly from Kohinoor Joy.

Kohinoor Joy wanted to convert their old WordPress blog into an online shop to boost direct-to-consumer sales.

To increase sales, the customer wanted to centralize all of their website’s information into a single point of interest. The old WordPress site was to be migrated and replaced with a new theme to support the Gutenberg editor and improve the sales UI. The previous website was not focused on selling and did not represent the business’s branding.

We assisted Kohinoor Joy in updating the old website platform and providing training to ensure that Kohinoor Joy may utilize the new website platform to develop sales.

We started by looking at the Kohinoor Joy website, which had outdated plugins and significant performance issues. To improve loading times and provide a better customer experience, we needed to use a content delivery network (CDN) and lazy picture loading.

The website’s user interface was completely redesigned; we studied the customer journey and highlighted Kohinoor Joy products, with new wireframes for home, product archive, product information, and broader category pages.

We would use the new branding strategy employed by Kohinoor Joy to ensure that the website design and brand packaging were in sync.

The new Kohinoor Joy website is now live and offers a much-improved user experience and easy-to-navigate menus. The customer can order directly from Kohinoor Joy or find recipe ideas for easy-to-make dishes. The overall branding strategy has been employed throughout the design, ensuring that the website is consistent with Kohinoor Joy’s image.

Thanks to performance optimisations, the website loads quickly and efficiently. Kohinoor Joy’s website is now better placed to develop online sales as it is easy to use, visually appealing, and mobile responsive.

Kohinoor Joy
Kohinoor Joy
Kohinoor Joy