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Award-winning restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine located on the Cornwall Lizard Peninsula, Jumunjy offers a unique and memorable dining experience, unlike any other in Cornwall. The owners of this beautiful establishment have a keen passion for creating delicious cuisine from Thailand and a keen eye for interior design. Guests enjoy a dining experience unlike any other, it is easy to believe that you are eating in a lush jungle forest surrounded by a living wall with water features.

The owners of Jumunjy started their restaurant on the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand in 2003. Before, moving to Cornwall where they have been serving tasty Thai cuisine from a converted traditional 16th-century Cornish stone cottage which was previously used as the local Post Office.

Jumunjy provides the community with takeaway, delivery and restaurant dining options. The food is influenced by the owners, Southeast Asia travels, combining modern and traditional dishes with local Cornwall-grown ingredients. It is this fantastic mix of passion and enthusiasm for service which has won Jumunjy several coveted Trip Advisor awards including ‘Travelers Choice 2020’.

Having a restaurant which is loved by customers, and appreciated by the wider community, the owners of Jumunjy felt that their previous restaurant website was failing to deliver a web design fitting their business. They needed a restaurant website design which would show customers what they had to offer.

Visiting the Jumunjy restaurant, I was instantly impressed; the owners of this fantastic restaurant had transformed a traditional Cornish stone cottage into an unusual dining experience. A perfect environment to enjoy Thai cuisine with friends and family.

Working with the owners of Jumunjy, I identified where the existing website was failing and presented a proposal which would help create a restaurant web design in keeping with the business. Having such a lush palette to draw inspiration from it was important that the website had an uncomplicated structure catering to all takeaway and restaurant dining experiences.

The restaurant owners had an existing menu which needed to be included within the website design; it was also important that visitors could access the menu easily with contact details being accessible both on mobile and desktop. A significant volume of Jumunjy’s customers use mobile to arrange restaurant bookings and make takeaway orders. As such, the completed restaurant website needed to load quickly and provide a responsive, mobile-friendly browsing experience.

The development of Jumunjy’s restaurant website required a clear structure, while small in terms of the number of website pages. The restaurant website design extracts content from the restaurant’s social media Facebook page. Working with Jumunjy’s owners, a plan was formed containing pages for the restaurant, takeaway and festival dining. The website also makes it easy for visitors to stay up-to-date with Jumunjy events with the help of email marketing newsletter signup.

Having an agreed page structure, I presented web design visuals for all main pages. The website design concepts included style elements from the restaurant interior design, incorporating the Jumunjy logo on a slat background for the header which took direct inspiration from the bar area wall design. Tiles were also used to break content into dynamic blocks which drew inspiration from the restaurant floor design.

The website designs were quickly approved, allowing for the creation of HTML, CSS and JS code. We decided to build the website design using static pages; this meant that we could ensure that the completed website delivered a lightning-fast user experience while requiring very little website maintenance for the restaurant owners.

The new website provides an exciting web design look which is in keeping with the Jumunjy restaurant experience, containing subtle design touches inspired directly by the restaurant’s interior design and Thai cuisine. The owners of Jumunjy have received many positive customer comments about the design and website usability. Jumunjy’s new website makes it easy for customers to place restaurant bookings and takeaway orders with all contact information being easily accessible on mobile and desktop browsers. Jumunjy now features very highly in my recommended places to eat in Cornwall, especially if you happen to be visiting or are on the Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall.

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Restaurant website design
Restaurant website design