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Shore Vans

Shore Van is a family-run business that provides aftermarket replacements and accessories for vans. Shore Vans was established in 2017, making it relatively new to the industry.

The business has seen great success with selling products on sites like eBay and Amazon. To continue to capitalise, Shore Vans was keen to create a place to sell goods directly to customers online via their bespoke e-commerce website.

The purpose of our work with Shore Vans was to create a custom WordPress WooCommerce site to generate website sales.

The extensive product catalogue was organised into several hundred categories on the website, presenting a clear structure for quickly finding items.

The new website needed to tackle two problems. First, it had to replace the old online store to update the look and feel with a view towards branding and merchandising. Secondly, there were different requirements for various types of customers.

Having an existing customer base from platforms such as eBay and Amazon, we were keen to establish the Shore Vans brand online with a trustworthy professional branded look.

Using the existing logotype, we created a bespoke WooCommerce website design that was in keeping with the loose branding style.

The website would need to appeal to aspiring campervan converters, the DIY sector, and those working in the trade. The new web design was created to provide a sense of movement, and freedom with a small node to Shore Vans location in Cornwall.

The design layout in the completed website is focused and uncluttered, with crucial information rendered accessible on the home page.

Shore Vans can now manage its website in-house, with all marketing and daily WooCommerce management undertaken by its team.

The website positions Shore Vans as a leading innovator within the camper van conversion sector. With a site that is updated daily, customers can enjoy access to an ever-expanding array of camper conversion parts and accessories.

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