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Thrive Worldwide

Thrive Worldwide works with non-profits to create an environment where people love to work; team members feel valued and respected.

Providing support for organisations that work in challenging contexts or under difficult conditions, Thrive Worldwide supports teams working in low-resource settings with depression, stress and more.

The Thrive Worldwide website provides a central online forum for publishing informational resources, arranging gatherings and delivering promotional materials.

Working with StoryBrand guide, Sanders Design created a bespoke website for Thrive Worldwide, which helps to strengthen the organisation’s global reach.

Thrive Worldwide was already familiar with the need for a new website when they contacted Sanders Design. The company had established an informative StoryBrand wireframe before approaching our firm.

The project brief was to create a highly bespoke website using WordPress, which is managed in-house by the customer’s marketing team. We received wireframes for all pages and brand guides that facilitated a fast start.

To deliver the website, we provided training and coaching for Thrive Worldwide. This allowed them to take on complete management of WordPress in the future.

Supplied with a StoryBrand guide, we produced initial web designs that received client approval. Following feedback from Thrive Worldwide and various iterations, we created both a branding guide and a website for the organisation.

During the development of this project, new opportunities to add additional functionality were introduced by the client. With a keen sense of what is possible, this collaborative approach allowed Thrive Worldwide to receive a website that closely resembles its expanding portfolio of services delivered by the Thrive team.

The completed website features advanced functionality that can be managed by the organisation in-house and expanded to meet future opportunities.

The Thrive Worldwide website is professional, user-friendly and offers advanced functionality to meet the needs of a growing global organisation.

Sanders Design has developed a website that will allow Thrive Worldwide to become the leading provider in their field and deliver coaching and training to help implement web-based services and resources.

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Story brand WordPress website
Story brand WordPress web design
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