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Treway Farm

Treway Farm is a family-run Cornish business known for its 100% grass-fed cattle and free-range turkeys. The owners of Treway Farm believe in traditional practices and prioritise their turkeys and cattle welfare.

With the success of their free-range Christmas turkeys ordering website, farmers Will and Kate Martin wanted to start selling other products online. They noted that they were limited by not having their own eCommerce farm shop.

Sanders Design had already worked with Treway Farm in the past for a project involving Christmas turkeys. So we were excited to create the new Treway Farm WooCommerce shop website.

Treway Farm is known for its high-quality produce, regularly attending farmers’ markets and gaining popularity among customers seeking turkeys for Christmas. Farm owners Will and Kate Martin recognised the opportunities to increase online sales throughout the year.

A new farm shop website was needed to allow Will and Kate to expand direct-to-consumer sales and provide an opportunity for customers to purchase high-quality products online directly from the farm gate with delivery to the kitchen table.

Of all the challenges business owners face, maintaining a particular brand for an existing product is one of the most difficult. How can you retain your established branding while expanding and diversifying your products?

While seemingly minor, the change of name from “Treway Farm Turkeys” to “Treway Farm” would allow the business to create a new look that encompassed the entire range of products available within the farm shop.

Lucky for us, Will and Kate embraced the idea of updating the website name so our energies could be focused on creating a new farm shop website that reflected the entire business.

The new design of the Treway website will help Will and Kate sell their products to customers throughout the UK. The site is traditional yet modern, highlighting 100% grass-fed beef, and free-range turkeys, among many other high-quality farm produce.

Being able to order online from the comfort of your own home or kitchen table is something that we all take for granted. With an ever-growing number of people turning towards healthy and high-quality products over items purchased at supermarkets, Treway Farm’s online shop will be a great success.

The future is looking very bright for this Cornish family business.

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Treway Farm website
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