We design bespoke brands and custom websites for people who want more control over their online presence.

If that’s you, welcome…

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Our mission!

It’s a crime, but most business owners and marketers don’t get what they want from a website.

They either get:

  • A beautifully designed website that’s almost impossible to update without technical coding skills,
  • or…
  • A fully updateable website that’s let down by poor design.

But either way, it means missing out on sales, opportunities, and business growth. It shouldn’t be that way.

We’re on a mission to deliver businesses the website they need…

Your website shouldn’t be a compromise.

… That’s why we design beautiful websites and empower you with the skills to manage them. 

For you, that means a stunning website that you can quickly amend, add to or change. So no matter how your business changes, you can always keep it up to date.

Here’s how we do it…

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We put you and your business first at every stage of the process.

…We start by understanding your business, your values and your goals. That way, we can plan our design and build to your current and future needs. 

Then we’ll get to work creating your site whilst always considering the needs of those who use it: you, your customers, and the search engines. 

Oh… and we know you want to be able to keep track of what we’re doing together. So, we use a unique project dashboard to keep everything in one handy place. No lost files or missing links here!

And things don’t end when your site goes live… 

For us, after-service isn’t an afterthought.

…Now your site is live; we’ll elevate your skills so you can control your website yourself. 

To do this, we’ll give you access to our “WordPress Essentials” toolkit. This includes 90+ bite-sized training videos covering everything you need to know so that you can update and change your website anytime you want to. 

And, if there’s anything that’s not covered, just let us know, and we’ll record a video for you. 

We do all this because we believe businesses grow when they have a stunning website AND the skills to control it. So, we give you both…

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How rude, we didn’t introduce ourselves…

You probably want to know who we are.

Well, Sanders Design is a graphic and web design company run by Martin Sanders.

We’re a small and perfectly formed team of designers, WordPress experts and developers with all the skills to develop websites that will delight everyone that matters: you, your customers and the search engines too.

At Sanders Design, we believe in building websites that give you more.

Want to see if we’re a good fit to work together?